Children's Dentistry

Our dental clinic provides dentistry treatment for all the family, whatever their age.

We do our best to make the experience of visiting the dentist – potentially an anxious time for children and young adults – as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Our team of dentists have a lot of experience and always take into account the child’s age, personality and level of confidence.

A child’s first permanent teeth (that do not replace any baby teeth) begin to emerge when they are five or six years old. Ideally, you shouldn’t wait this late to begin routine dental care though. The earlier, the better. Getting your child into an early habit of going to the dentist, even if just for a check-up, reduces the likelihood of them developing a dental phobia. It prepares them to enter adulthood with a  positive attitude towards dental health.

We talk to children before and during the treatment to explain to them in words they’ll understand what we’re doing and why. We also educate them as we go, as childhood is a critical stage for establishing oral hygiene habits. Good and bad habits can develop at this time and last a lifetime. We try to educate our child patients so they keep the good habits and lose the bad ones.

Bringing your child to our dental clinic for regular check-ups from a young age means dental decay, that can have damaging long-term effects, won’t develop. Dental health, growth development and tooth alignment are monitored at every examination.

Common dental treatments for children include the removing of decay and the filling of cavities. 

We also offer fissure sealants, that are brushed on to the surface of the teeth to help protect them from decay by filling in the small gaps on the biting surface of the teeth, meaning food can’t get trapped there.

Whatever the treatment, our focus is on making it as comfortable and pain-free as possible. We can use local anaesthetic where necessary and if you want us to. We will not begin any treatment until your child is fully ready and comfortable to go ahead with it.